Customers Wait-listed!


Simple. Powerful. Easy To use.

1 Wait list software with SMS / email notifications on Customer Queue Status.

2 Implement customer social distancing in your store.

3 Can handle multiple Services and separate queue lines!

4 FREE to use and no need for any signup (for limited wait list functions only)**

5 Works even without Internet connection (for basic set of wait list functions only)**

6 Generate summary reports on queue activities.



**for basic functions

Let your Customers join the queue via self service:

Your customers can scan a QR Code displayed in your store front, or browse to a web URL, to join the queue themselves using their mobile phones.

No need for Customers to download and install any mobile app, they just need to use their own mobile phone's built- in web browser. The queue status web page will keep the Customers informed and updated on their queue status.

Our QueuePad mobile app helps in practicing social distancing and keeping your customers and staff safer.

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Powerful and Easy to Use!

  • Quickly manage your Customer Wait List
  • Easy one minute setup and ready to use
  • No need for sign-up, and basic functions does not need an internet connection!

Replace Pen and Paper

  • Intuitive Customer Wait List management mobile app
  • Can handle multiple Services for separate queue lines
  • A single Staff can wait list Customers and also call the next Customers

Automate Wait List Functions

  • Inform Customers of their queue status via the TV Display Screen
  • Audio call out the next Customer by their name
  • TV Display Screen lets Customers see their positions in lines

Real Time Customer Queue Position Update!

  • Customers can view their updated queue status using in a web page
  • No need for customers to install anything, they just click on a web link for the update page
  • The ULR link for the status update can be sent via SMS or email


1. Synchronizes the customer queue list with the TV Display list.

2. Shows the Company Name from the Settings

3. Shows the current number of Customers in queue and the Average Waiting Time (AWT) for the day.

4. The list of Services, each of which is an independent customer queue. A maximum of 3 Services can be configured.

5. For a "No Show" customer, there will be an option to call these "No Show" customers again and join the regular queue.

6. List of Customers currently in queue. The arrival time and waiting time length is shown, any customer notes are also shown. The phone icon when clicked allows a phone call or SMS to this customer.

7. Add a new Customer to the current queue.

8. Call the next customer for the current queue.

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QueuePad Overview

How to: Call the Customer


Yes, the software can automatically send SMS notifications for each Customer once their queue reaches the Nth position. This service will require a valid SMS Gatewar API account and internet Wifi connection. See more details here.

Yes you can use the QueuePad app even without an internet connection, all the basic wait list functions will work. There will be no synch with the Customer Display Screen, and online reports won't be gererated.

No, you do not need to sign up for an online account if you will only need the basic wait list functions of the QueuePad mobile app.

The QueuePad software is available for both iOS devices and Android devices. However, most advanced features like the Customer Display Screen, SMS notification etc. is currently only availble for iOS mobile app.

On the QueuePad mobile app, go to the Display tab, click on Generate to create a 6 digit Display Code. Then open a web browser window and navigate to https://display.queuepad.com/ , proceed to enter the 6 digit Display Code that was generated. The QueuePad customer queue should now be reflected on the web browser display screen.

On the QueuePad Mobile App, Monitor Queue Screen ,at the upper right hand corner is a "Refresh" button, this will force synch the current queue items in the mobile app with the web browser Display Screen.

When you enter the customer details when creating a new queue entry, there are 2 places where these data is being saved:

  1. Your mobile phone database, which is protected by the Apple iOS phone security locking
  2. Our AWS cloud server (if WIFI internet is connected) wherein the personal information like name, phone number, notes is encrypted in the database.

You can see more details in our Privacy Policy.

About Us

QueuePad is a waiting list app developed by Ivant Technologies, a Philippine-based company with 15 + years of software development experience, currently serving more than 500+ small and big companies worldwide.

The dynamic software industry in the Philippines has delivered numerous innovative software solutions, and the Philippines is fast becoming the top software outsourcing destination for Western economies.

Automate your customer wait list functions.

Project a professional image by utilizing new technologies.

Gain insights on your customer service from the reports.

QueuePad is a simple to use and full-featured waiting list queuing app for small businesses. It is suitable for restaurants, bakeries, beauty shops, clinics, salons, spas, etc., wherever your customers need to join a wait list and queue in line.

For the basic set of wait list functions, the QueuePad mobile app is instantly ready to use, no need for sign-up, and is usable even without an internet connection! (*)



*Some of the advanced features will require a WIFI internet connection, like Customer TV Screen, SMS notifications, multiple devices synch etc.

QueuePad Businesses

QueuePad is suitable for the ff businesses:

- Restaurants
- Food Take Outs
- Beauty Shops
- Clinics
- Spa and Massage
- Photo Printing
- & others





US$ 19.99 / mo

Queues per Day 10 Unlimited
Services 1 3
Customer View Screen
Voice Call Out
Language Selection
Announcement Message
Bell/Chime Selection


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